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During the year we pick and topic and talk about it over a four to six week series.  Whether you're out of town, want to find out more, or just want to listen again, check out past series below.  You can also subscribe to our podcast via the two links below.

Killin’ It


There is a sin that is so common to the human experience, it is the gateway to all other sins. It promises to make us bigger, better, and more important, but only makes us smaller and meaner. It strips us of our capacity to connect with others. It stands between us and our heavenly Father.

So, what is “it” and how do we kill it?

Why We GO


Mother’s Day

Love Is

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Engage - Scripture

Many know some stories in scripture, but few know the story of how the bible came to be.

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In life, we pursue our greatest desires. We pursue relationships, careers, happiness, goals, and dreams. What about Faith? Belief? We think that faith is passive. You either have faith or you don’t… right? Jesus came for something entirely different.

You are invited to something other than Religion. A Pursuit. He says, “I came that you may have life and have it to the full.”

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February 3rd: 2019 Vision - Belong


January Series: small things, Big Difference

This Sunday we are back and cannot wait to welcome you to our 10:30 AM Service.   As you get 2019 started, we are right here with you with our new series "Small Things, Big Difference".  

It’s often the small things that no one sees that result in the big things that everyone wants.  We are starting 2019 by looking at our Thoughts, Words, and Habits.  By learning to depend and trust God in the small things, we see him lead us towards bigger milestones and results that last.  All starting Sunday.

Past Series

Check Out our past series below:

God With Us


This series will touch on how God is with us in every moment. We may feel that we are deep in a valley, or alone in a desert. We might be on top of the mountain looking for direction, or just waiting to see if our prayers will be answered. No matter our circumstances, we can celebrate that God is with us.

Finding Holiday Happiness

When it came to happiness Jesus gave us a list.  Using this as a way to identify happiness will be encouraging for you this holiday season and take some pressure off.



Starting October 28th:
Greatest Of All Time

Who is the Greatest Of All Time?  The G.O.A.T.?  Will the greatest still be the greatest 100 years from now?  Those who achieve the highest possible place, in his or her respective pursuits, constantly enamor us.  But, in comparison, our lives can feel ordinary or lacking.  But that is not the truth.  You and I have been called to a greater story, one that is the greatest of all time.  Your story does matter.  When the world is full of darkness around us we don’t live like those without any hope.  “They run for a medal that fades, we run for one that’s gold eternally.”  The G.O.A.T.

Driven, October 2018

We are all driven towards something, but are you driven towards what matters most? The pressure to live towards the demands of “Now” can lead us towards a life of regret. Join us in October as we learn to live with the future in mind.


Starting September 9th: Amazing Relationships

We want amazing.  We dream of amazing.   Sometimes you get amazing right from the start….just wait long enough and difficulties will come.  Some of you think it will only be difficult, but God’s truths say different.  This September lets find Amazing Dates, Family, Marriages, & Friendships.


August 2018The Right Path

Starting August 12th

You've learned what it means to WIN.  Now you're ready to follow Christ, but how do you make the right decisions?  You haven’t finished your life story. The choices you make today will lead you one way or another, so what if you choose the wrong path?

Ever wish you could know you’re making the right decision? When you’re thinking about who to date, what to buy, or where to work, it really helps to have a little clarity, right? If you agree, you’ll love Right Path, a new four part message series starting this Sunday,  August 12th.


June & July 2018WIN

In the game of life we all want to win, but often the battles are confusing and we aren’t even sure who or what we’re fighting. It’s time to get clarity in how we can actually begin to win.

Join us as we explore how God is preparing us to win. This summer it’s time to start winning!


Father's Day Message:

Celebrating dads and celebrating the home by looking at words from Christ. 


May Series:  Love Well

We can easily look at what we have to do to reach God, but its just the opposite.  Knowing this frees us up to love well.  Join us for this new series starting on May 20th.  Catch up on past weeks below.

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Mother's Day Message:

Mother's Day often reminds us of home and either the reminder of loving relationships or the desire for a peaceful family experience.  Often, however, peace at home and with others is very hard to find.  How can we follow Chirst's example and be Peace Makers?

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April SeriesBreathing Room

We all feel the stress of living at the limits of life.  Our schedule, boss, relationships, and money seem to dictate how we live our lives.  We may outwardly celebrate our ability to handle so much, but deep down we are searching for some breathing room. Join us as we help you understand principles of living our lives with space and trusting God for the rest.

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3rd Birthday: Leaving a Legacy

Celebrating our past reminds us of God's faithfulness.  This inspires us to continue the sacrifice of others and follow His calling on us to impact and lay a foundation for the future. 

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Easter 2018: The Unexpected Story of Easter.

Following Christ is not about personal expectations of religion, its about why we celebrate Easter.  The foundation of our faith are not the circumstances of our lives or whether we have answers to the problems we face, but from the unexpected story we find at Easter. Listen below to our Easter message from April 1, 2018.


March Series: Faith

We ended our Why Jesus series with the question:  Are you following?  But taking that step of faith can be hard...  Going from what you know in your head to believing in your heart.  In everyone's faith journey, there is a place where we take the leap.  Explore what that means during our 3 week series leading up to Easter.   

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February Series: Why Jesus

You've heard about Jesus, the Christmas story, and about his death and resurrection.  But, what about his life?  His teaching?  Ever wonder why he lived among us, for over 30 years?  Join us on Sundays for a deeper look into the life and words of Christ. Whether you have questions or have followed Christ for many years, this is a series for you.   


January Series: Guardrails

While no one disputes the need for guardrails on our bridges and roads, culture usually mocks us for guardrails in our lives.  But, the path to less regret is paved with financial, moral, relationship and professional guardrails in our lives.  Each week of this five week series will bring practical guidance for now and the future.  

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December Series: Crashing Christmas

At Christmas Time we often hear words like Peace, Love, and Joy.  Despite the constant reminder of this, many times we question whether Christmas really brings peace to our lives.  Surprisingly enough, those in the Christmas Story had the very same questions.  The answer of Hope and Peace isn't always what it seems. This December we Crash Christmas. 


November Series:  An Unstoppable Force

An Unstoppable Force

As the church burst onto the scene after Christ’s resurrection it seemed that no matter what came against it, it was an unstoppable force for good and love.  It changed lives, turned cities upside down, broke down barriers of oppression that seemed they would last forever.  It was an unstoppable force.

What was it that allowed the early church to impact with such gravity?  What was it that allowed them to change the world forever?  Join us as we look at what it would take for us to move with courage in becoming an unstoppable force for good and love! Sunday's at The Underground at 10:30 AM.


October 2017:  Transformed

The world around us is challenging. Often the stress of our lives, the problems in our city, nation and world seem to overwhelm and leave us without hope.  This doesn't have to be the case.  Join us as we look at the book of 1st Peter and see a letter written to those who felt hopeless, and how we can be encouraged today. Sunday's at The Underground at 10:30 AM.


September 2017:  
Last Longer
6 steps to better dating, sex and marriage

Relationships are a matter of life-and-death importance. Whether you’re fed up with dating and hooking up as usual, tired of being single, or curious about how to improve your marriage, this series is for you.  Starting September 10th, no matter your past or history, we will fight for your future as we walk through 6 truths about the life and death power of sex and romance. 

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May & June 2017:

How do you live like it's finished?  How do you let go of the pressure you've experience your whole life?  Is it really possible to live free of the expectations? Join us for six powerful weekends as we release those things Christ came to give us freedom from. 

April 2017:  The Time is Now

When it comes to following God, we can easily get discoraged or give up when things get hard.  How does God respond?  Join us in April as we work through this little know book in the old testament called "Haggai".   


March 2017:
My Story

What you do today determines the story you are going to tell. Join us for this 5 weeks series looking at the decisions you are going to make and what it means to follow Christ.

Beginning:  January & February 2017

If you could wipe the slate clean and start your faith over, where would you begin? Everything has a beginning including your faith. Life happens and our faith can crumble.  Why is that? Join us for this new series on learning why we believe.


Light of the World:  December 4th, 11th, & 18th. 

What do you do when the magic and wonder of the Christmas season feels out of reach? We want it to be the most wonderful time of the year, but past experiences, relationships, and problems around us can sometimes make it feel the opposite.  

No matter your circumstances, Christmas can also be a reminder of the light that overcomes the darkness.  Join us for this 3 week series concluding with a Christmas Service on December 18th. 

This Fall with "Choice" we will discuss four big choices many of us don’t know we’re making. It’s easy to focus on smaller choices, but making these decisions really set the framework for who we are.   There might be more on the line than you thought when you make a choice.