Join the Engage Scripture challenge and choose one of the following ways to interact with Scripture and with one another: 

  1. Sign up for the any of the Gospel of John plans in the bible app
    - 25 Days The Writings of John with Videos 
    - 10 Days Reading Through The Gospel of John 
    - 21 Days in the Gospel of John with Devotionals 

  2. Watch the Gospel of John videos from The Bible Project

  3. Read or listen to the Gospel of John in a version of Scripture that is easy to understand, try The Message or NLT in English. Or try reading in or listening to a version in the language you spoke as a child on (available in 1,700 languages). 

  4. Join a Dinner Group to share what you are experiencing and learning as you read, watch and listen.

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Choose the Ways You Will Engage With Scripture This Month.