Celebrate your DCC G.O.A.T.


Send in your own personal video celebrating someone who has made an impact on you at DCC. Perhaps its a leader, someone who greeted you on Sunday, an invite to an event, an invitation to a service, helping you find God, a baptism, one-on-one meeting….you name it. Record a simple video and send it to us via the link below. Here’s how:

STEP 1: Record Your Video

  • Find a quiet room

  • Have someone hold your phone & record for you

  • Hold the phone horizontally!

  • Keep it around 1 minute long

STEP 2: Send It To Us

  • Go to www.WeTransfer.com

  • Click "Add your files” & upload

  • Email it to: info@downtownjc.church

STEP 3: Join us Sunday, November 18th for a day of celebration

If you have any questions, use the form below.

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